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Refund Policy

The organizers are requested to go through and accept all the terms and conditions and privacy policies mentioned in the respective sections, before using the website, content, services and products available on the website

All the services provided by Sargam Events are subject to the terms and conditions.

All the information provided on the website is made available for users solely for informational and business purposes.


The website is a property of Broadway Infotech. The organizers agrees to the terms mentioned here by using, referencing or linking the website The change of the terms will be at the sole discretion of the company at any point of time.

The organizers are required to read the terms carefully. If an organizer operates or visits the website, he/she accepts these terms and conditions. The terms are modified or amended from time to time and they act as a binding contract between the company and the organizer.

The website takes no responsibility for the services provided by third-party vendors.


The company reserves the right to modify or remove any of its terms or policy without any prior notice to the users and they shall be considered in effect immediately after posting. The changes may include, but not restricted to, adding or removing fees and charges. In an occasion where the company makes changes in its policies and an organizer continues to use the website, it is implied that he/she is agreeing to the terms and conditions mentioned on the website.


  • Sargam Events grants an event organizer the right to list the events on the website and use its paid as well as non-paid services solely for the purpose of promoting, tracking and selling tickets only.
  • Sargam Events do not take the responsibility for theft or loss of any personal belongings at the event venue.
  • Sargam Events reserve the right to modify, pause or discontinue the services at any point of time with or without prior notice.
  • Sargam Events is not responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from the purchase of tickets or any other activities relating to this site.
  • Sargam Events take special care of its website security and various accesses to its content, however, considering unseen interruptions that are beyond company’s control, the company shall not be liable for any data loss through the internet. The company shall have the right to pause, discontinue or modify any service or feature on the website.
  • The website’s content may use reference or link to any third party sites. Sargam Events has no control over these websites or the content within them. Also, Sargam Events cannot guarantee or represent that the content contained in the sites is accurate or legal.
  • Event Organizer agree that you have the right to visit, view and retain a copy of page of the website for your own personal use & that you shall not download, duplicate, modify, publish or otherwise distribute any material on this website for any purpose other than to review the event information for the purpose of managing the Event, unless otherwise specifically authorized by Sargam Events to do so.


  • The organizer takes the responsibility to communicate the refund policies to Sargam Events and its users.
  • We are not authorized for making any refund in case of event reschedule or cancellation. We can initiate a refund once approved by the event organizer.
  • Refund authorized by an organizer will be processed within 30 days after receiving the instructions for refund form the website.
  • In case of event cancellation, the refund will be issued after deducting a fee of 3% from the organizer.
  • Sargam Events shall not be responsible for any exchange or refund, in whole or part, for the tickets already sold for any reason unless a refund is authorized by the organizer. Any request or dispute regarding the refund shall be strictly between the ticket holder and the event organizer. Sargam Events shall not be liable for any refund related issues.


  • The event organizer agrees to provide complete, true and updated information about the event and himself/herself to Sargam Events.
  • The event organizer has to be at least 18 years of age to gain the rights to use the website and services offered by Sargam Events.
  • The event organizer agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the credentials of the account created at the time of the registration and is responsible for all the activities occurs with the account.
  • The event organizer agrees not to misuse the account created for event listing, the content available on the website, etc.